Summer Love | Music Video

NBD Princessa Top

NBD Princessa Skirt

NBD Trouble Maker Top

NBD Trouble Maker Skirt

NBD Can’t Quit Romper

NBD Diamond Top

NBD Diamond Skirt

Lovers + Friends Jack Shorts

Lover + Friends Young Romance Shorts

Tularosa Ramona Bodysuit (also available here)

Lotta Stensson Kimonos and Caftans

Lovers + Friends Tie Me Up Bikini Top

Lovers + Friends Restless Bikini Bottom


I miss my Summer Love | It’s finally here!!! My production team, The Coalition Group, and I had so much fun putting this concept together…Normally my videos are very dark and edgy, so it was nice instead to get to spend the day at the beach, cruising around with my girlfriends in the sun..

Creating a music video is a process, from conception, writing the treatment, finding the visual references, scouting locations, hiring the crew, getting in the studio with my choreographer and dancers, styling each look for each performer, to shoot day, it can be so tiring, but the most rewarding thing ever once you see what you’ve created and your music brought to life! I was very excited to partner up with RevolveClothing and get to show off some of my favorite summer fits! We mixed and matched two piece sets, rompers, body suits and cutoffs from three of my fav Revolve labels, NBD, Lovers+Friends, and Tularosa! Hope you love it and if you particularly love any piece and have to have it, as always, you’ll find them in the shopbox above!

Music Produced by: BPM (Deep H2oz, Mika Lett, Philip White)
Video Produced by: The Coalition Group
Director of Photography: Larkin Donley
Makeup/Hair: Adam Lesimmons
Choreographer: Brinn Nicole
Dancers: Brinn Nicole, Larke Hasstedt, Tanee McCall, Aliya Janell

Check out behind-the-scenes photos from the Summer Love video shoot! CLICK HERE
Jessi Malay - Summer Love (iTunes)

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