Noises (Remix) | Dance Video

Hi my loves!!! Hope you’re off to a great week! As some of you may know, dancing and singing is my heart… At two years old, I begged my mom to take me to ballet lessons and have really never stopped since! I joined performing groups, got signed to Jive and then WB Records, and have been working independently as an artist for the past few years. This year, as the blog started to grow and my love for fashion, beauty, and travel kind of took over my life, I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to my music or dancing… I miss it so much and have just felt like a huge part of me is missing! So, I called up some of my girlfriends that I’ve danced with for years, got in the studio, and put this quick little video together for fun to a remix of one of my older singles, ‘Noises.’ I had way too much fun and can’t wait to get back in the studio with them again! Such talented girls, Larke, Della, Tanee, and Aliya…you girls are ridiculously talented beyond words..hope you love your freestyles I threw in! And special thanks to our girl Brinn who was literally 8 months pregnant and choreographed this! You’re an inspiration to all of us! Love you girls more than you know!

Produced by my home team The Coalition Group! Big thanks to Luisa Iskin and Joel Layogan who made time for my little passion project even in the midst of shooting your first feature film!

If you love the song, download here!

Let me know what you guys think! Interested in seeing more music and dance content? LMK and as always, thanks so much for stopping in! Xxo

49 thoughts on “Noises (Remix) | Dance Video

  1. Thank you Jessi for giving your fans this masterpiece !!! The video came out amazing, not surprised at all. The vibe was cool and the 5 of you slated every second. As for the content in your post, it’s just goes to show your multi talents !! You inspire and motivate me so much. And as for the last question at the bottom “interested in seeing more music and dance content?” I think you know my answer to that one ;) <3

    • Thank you Christian!! SO happy you loved the video and got some inspiration from it!! Will be posting more content like this soon Xx

  2. I’m a fan of all your careers!! I noticed you from
    The fashion week posts, but now I’m obsessed due to the music!! I listened to the Warner bros material and it was fun, But your music from the coalition group is more my taste :) I hope you release more songs this year and soon! Keep it up!!

    • Aw that means so much to me!! So glad to know you enjoy all my music love :) Will be releasing more this year..stay tuned Xx

  3. Girl you KILLED it in this vid :) very raw and chill I liked this vibe you gave. When is your next original song coming? Hopefully soon!! More more more music!

    • Thanks girl!! That makes me so happy!! Will be releasing something very soon by the end of year!! Stay tuned babe <3

  4. YES QUEEN HELL YES !! Been wanting another song since you were on arsenic tv on snapchat and previewed that song called BODY! Release that next

    • Thank you Michelle!! Appreciate you stopping by and watching the video :) I will be updating you guys on the new song soon!!

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