The red, white, and blue

Jessi Malay - Free People white lace dress - J Crew denim shirt - Zara nude heels - AnarchyStreet fringe bag - Ditaeyewear Paradis sunglasses - Jaquie Aiche hand ring - Tiffany and Co Diamond braceletIt is officially summer and all I can think about are beach days, cruising in cool cars like these, and summer dresses like this one… These next 3 months are my favorite time of the year… I haven’t been in school for years but I still get that same feeling of freedom and an extended vacay (although I’ll be working my butt off this year!).

Even though all I want to do is get in my flip flops, pack a bikini, and listen to nothing but Chakademus and Plies, things have FINALLY been going really well with my music so I am super amped and motivated to keep the ball rolling, turn out more new music and videos, and get back on the road for another tour! (If you haven’t heard my music yet, checkout and my new EP ‘Give Me Life’ on iTunes). Would love to hear what you guys plan on doing this summer! More work? Fun trips? Weekend getaways?

My LWD is by Free People, denim shirt from J Crew, nude heels from Zara, ‘Paradis’ sunnies in TokyoTort by Dita Eyewear, fringe bag from AnarchyStreet, and assorted rose gold jewelry from everywhere from the Flea Market on Fairfax to Tiffany’s.













40 thoughts on “The red, white, and blue

  1. Is this your charger? Jesus, it’s gorgeous! I don’t think these shots could get any better. And how awesome that your music is taking off. That’s always fantastic to hear! xx

  2. Summer is just the best . . . cruising in this muscle car sporting a pony tail and those sunnies! And, of course, with your music blasting!
    Great EP, by the way! I play it everyday!

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